Gourds Family ©Steve Chong

Tech Info

Gourds Family

Camera: Canon EOS/1V
Lens: Tamron SP90mm
Film: ASA100
Aperture: F4
Shutter: 1s
Filter: Polarizing Filter, Kenko 85, Hoya 81C
Light: Natural Light from window
This image has been indelibly ingrained on my mind for the past one week. Finally, I found the time and executed the idea last Sunday. The theme was to create a moody, stark and dramatic image. I figure juxtaposing the gourds to simulate a happy family might be a workable idea. The simulation was on the left is Mama gourd leaning on Papa gourd and the toddler playing with the grapes on a warm evening.

1 - The first task was to find three papayas with three different sizes and shapes to form the family. After much effort, I found them on a bunch of fruit where the merchant has almost discarded them.

2 - To compliment the subjects and to stabilize the shot I figure placing an old and decay wood at the bottom would fit the idea nicely. After a mad search, I was fortunate enough to discover it near the local railway station.

3 - To obtain a warm and diffuse lighting, I hung a piece of deep yellow cloth near the window. A piece of black velvet was used to block some lights and to create that "triangle" shadow of the background.

4 - To further enhance the mood of the background I applied a few strokes of paint at the appropriate places. I found that I have to setup the subjects beforehand such that I could determine precisely where to paint. However, to ensure I have achieved the desired effect, checking through the viewfinder and adjusting the DOF consistently were absolutely necessary.

5 - To further enhance the warmth feeling of the image, I utilized 2 pieces of warm filters namely Kenko 85 and Hoya 81C. A circular polarizing filter was used to get rid of the unflattering flare and reflections from the fruits and also to increase the saturations of the colors.

6 - Surprisingly the juxtaposition of the subjects was accomplished almost effortlessly. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the image has been depicted strongly on my mind.

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