Solomon's Mine ©Steve Chong

Tech Info

Solomon's Mine

Camera: Canon EOS/1V
Lens: Tamron SP90mm
Film: ASA100
Aperture: F8
Shutter: 1/15s
Filter: Polarizing Filter, 81c
Light: Bulb
I saw the mask in an antique shop in Malacca the other day; the expression really caught my attention. I couldn¡¯t help but to acquire it. It triggered an inspiration nerve in my brain. About 40Kgs of red soil was used in this setup. The soil was placed in a rectangular sink measuring 3¡¯h x 4¡¯w x 3¡¯d and the soil was smoothed by my bare hands. After that, I showered the surface with water, which flattened the rough texture and made it look more natural. Two torchlights were applied in the shot. The first one was placed at the upper left corner to highlight the plant. The other one was used to perform light painting on the mask. I also discovered that 4secs of exposure time gave me just enough time to paint the mask properly. Using spot metering I measured the mid-tone section on the soil. And here is the result of the shot!

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