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Frolicking the Precipice

©Steve Chong

Tech Info

Frolicking the Precipice

Camera: Canon EOS/1V
Lens: Tamron SP24-135mm
Film: ASA400
Aperture: F5.6
Shutter: 1/15s
Filter: Hoya 80A, Polarizing Filter
Light: Natural Light from window
This image has been depicted on my mind for weeks. Whenever I closed my eyes, I can't shake off the image of a scrawny boy walking on the warheads. He was sad, hopeless, tired and lonelyˇ­ˇ­..
Anyway here is the set up of the shot.

1 - Preparations begun by making the cones to simulate the warheads. I must have been crazy when I thought of using metals to create them. However, I finally settled with old catalogs from my suppliers.

2 - The next step was to spray paint on them. Surprisingly this was the hardest and most challenging aspect of the entire setup. I have applied no less than 3 layers on them but still didn't get satisfactory result. I even sent the cones to the professional but their shook their head in disbelief when they discovered what I wanted to do with the cones. They don't have the time for me. At last an old timer advised me: "You have to spray a different color layer before you spray gray, that would covered them very well. And there is another pro who even lent me his workshop and used his tools. However, I abandoned the idea after I waited for at least 2 hours for the some cones to dry. 

3 - I was fortunate enough to have Kadir to make the cones and spray the paints for me. Whenever there is not clients he would walk out the office and do it at the five foot way. Naturally, many passers by were curious by his act. Some even asked "Is it X'mas already?" or "What do you want to do with them?" Took him no less than 16 hours to complete all the 200 cones.

4 - Finally, I found the time to execute the shot on the weekend. I put a board measured 5"x3" on 4 stools and covered the board with black velvet. I poured the cones in an arranged them arbitrary.

5 - Then came the next challenging task, I have to find my bony model. When I called my neighbor's kids, they were so glad and happy that they could take part. Obviously they were happy and impressed by my last shot Rematch. I told him about my idea as I was painting his legs. He was moved by the concept.

6 - I painted the boy legs with white poster color. Then I ask him to climb on a cross bar just above the cones. The cross bar were supported by two tall stools which were extended using a few thick books.

7 - After numerous attempts showing him how I wanted him to pose and about 2 hours and 1 roll of film later, this shot came out fine.

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