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Tech Info

Wavering Between Elements

Camera: Canon EOS/1V
Lens: Tamron SP24-135mm
Film: ASA100
Aperture: F8
Shutter: 1/250
Filter: None
Light: Natural Light from Window
This elegant vase was acquired during a trip to the ancient city of Malacca. I was riveted by its graceful and smooth torso. It would undoubtedly help to make wonderful photos I told myself. So I bought it.

At last after a straight and not so successful shot, I finally came up with another idea of showcasing this beautiful vase. Here is how I did it. First I pushed the vase then I ran back to the camera and press the shutter! That's how I did it! Convince? :-) Naaaaah... only Superman or Neo in Matrix is able to achieve that kind of speed and impossible reflexes!

I can only call on my neighbor's kid for assistance. I told him that he has to push the vase swiftly such that the water in the vase would fly out creating a wonderful splash. He blinks, but nodded. I painted the background with spray and hung it up nicely. Then I position an off camera flash at the back of the vase about 45 degree. The idea is to get the speed I wanted and also to provide a very subtle backlit for the flash. I set up the vase on the table which was covered by another piece of cloth that I painted. I then fill up the vase with water which was dyed earlier. Everything is set, on the count of three, I asked the boy to push and let the vase tumble. After 6 shots, I successfully got this one.

This image was chosen as the front cover of "Advanced Images" on their November-December 2007 issue.

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