The Tale of An Old Lady

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The Tale of An Old Lady

Camera: Sigma SD15
Lens: Sigma EX50-150
Film: X3F
Aperture: F3.2
Shutter: 1/250
Filter: none
Light: Natural Light
It was a cold and windy evening, I arrived at Dayitang village, or more fondly known as the Big Fishing Pond. After wandering in the village, I saw this old lady. She was shivering. She was helplessly keeping herself warm with the last glimpse of the sunshine.

When we made contact, I couldn't help but notice her eyes. Her left eye had obviously suffered from some severe eye diseases, while the right deteriorating, I could tell she had probably lost most of her sight.

Despite the fact that I am a total stranger, she still put up a very warm smile, albeit a brief moment, but enough to warm my heart.

I sought her permission to photograph her, she nodded, but I could only manage a few clicks. My sympathy took the better part of me.

This was the shot when the light miraculously hit her left eye, I thought God was showing mercy on her.
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