The Light & Mist of Yuan Yang
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My first impression of paddy fields was derived from a text book during my primary school. However technically clear the explanations of the agricultural aspect of the paddy, there were, graphically, no images of the estate and plant. It was not until the time that I have developed a profound interest in photography, that to my amazement, I came to my first encounter with the terraced paddy fields at Yuan Yang, China.

The first impression was staggering. The paddy fields, illuminated by the light of dawn and dusk, decked by the ubiquitous mist, would evolve into art pieces that would make the most fastidious photographers humble. The endlessness and vastness of the fields simply made me submit in awe. I also had the privilege of witnessing some phenomenon play of light, and the honor of having a deeper comprehension of how the people live their life in this unsophisticated land.

I fell for this place immediately. I realized deep in my soul, that I was destined to photograph and write the accounts about this magnificent piece of land. Having spent the last four years, traveling thousands of miles back and forth, I have, at last, compiled the narrative and images into a book, I named it,
"The Light & Mist of Yuan Yang."

Come, lend me your ears and eyes, let me walk you through a journey, a journey into the Light & Mist of Yuan Yang.

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